5 Creative Therapeutic Hobbies to Rejuvenate the Spirit

Most people’s lives have become fast-paced, information based, and technology driven. At least in the U.S., the majority of people are running as fast as they can to keep up with jobs, kids schedules, electronic gadgets that dominate communications and interruptions, or just the business of life.  When is the last time you really slowed down and did something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but keep putting off? Whether you’re experiencing a sad experience or are in a good place in your life, there’s no time like to present to allow the enjoyment and healing that come from a grounded, creative hobby.

That favorite hobby or a new one you’ve wanted to try is still sitting in the corner of your mind. Behind it all, there’s a wish that wants to be granted.  It may be telling you to take a break, and give yourself a treat. Everyone’s idea of what is fun may be different and there are thousands of hobbies.  But if taking a peaceful time out for yourself, to express your creativity and feel better are your goals, then here are five hobbies to try.  Don’t worry about being good at anything; it doesn’t matter. These hobbies are all about the process and making you feel more balanced and centered.

1. Freeform Art with Paints and Paintbrushes

If you think of trying to take up art and have ever been scared off by a lack of skill and insecurity, fear no more.  This hobby method is all about giving yourself permission to just do anything you feel, without criticism or measurement. Enjoy the process of exploring the kinds of paint and medium you’re drawn to.  Try going to a local craft store and browsing. Maybe you’ve always like Acrylics, or oil paintings, or watercolor. Start with what you’re most interested in.

Get yourself a set of inexpensive brushes, paint medium (paper, canvas) and paints.
Go home and set out your new hobby on a table. Make a cup of tea and put on some music you enjoy. Then just start to paint.  It’s not necessary to have a picture in your mind. Just dip one of the brushes into the paint, and begin wherever your hand is drawn. Experience the feeling of the paint going across the page or canvas. Change colors or brushes when you want to, but the true value in creativity is in Letting Go. This part takes practice for those of us on fast track lives. If you stay with the brushes long enough, your mind will begin to let go of its daily chatter. A sense of calm and relaxation has a way of coming to you, once you open up to just ‘trying’ without worrying about the end result. Paint for as long as you like. You’ll know when it’s time to stop and do something else. You may even find you’ve created a pretty nice piece of art!

2. Music, Singing or Dance

Taking up an instrument, learning to sing or taking a dance class ranks high on the list of active creativity. Music awakens the spirit and tends to naturally uplift your mood. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced. The purpose is to release old energy and allow your own talents shine through.

So spend an afternoon listening to music and singing along. Or make that phone call to take a lesson on any instrument you want.  

3. Working with Clay or Pottery

There is something about the feel of clay on the fingertips that is different from any other art form or hobby. It’s smooth, and silky.  It has flexibility. It is forgiving. It allows your mind to express through the hands and create something unexpected. Local classes are available that include all the materials needed to get started creating with this peaceful and regenerating medium. Clay is like a metaphor for life – it bends with flexibility. Enjoy the art of allowing yourself to create something, out of nothing.

4. Create a Fairy Garden

Have you ever considered creating a Fairy Garden? Local Nurseries and Greenhouses offer classes that include your container and miniature fairy objects and plant materials. As you focus on creating a whimsical, growing garden piece, your childhood creativity is tapped into. When you allow yourself to let out the fun, childlike nature within, you are propelling yourself into a creative zone that simply feels good.

As a bonus, you get to take home your new fairy garden and show it off to friends and family. Many people place it outdoors in a real garden and even add more fairy miniature items to expand on it and keep the therapeutic benefits going.

5. A Crafty Hobby

Crafts have expanded and are no longer just popsicle stick houses made with glue. Whatever your interest for both men and women, there are projects you can do for very little money. Scapbooking is still a big industry and die cutting projects have made the grade. You can paint a birdhouse, or put together beautiful flowers. You can redecorate your home and even make your own picture frames and assemble photos of your family. Craft stores like Michael’s offer classes for just about everything including super creative cake decorating, to painting and art classes and much more. If you would like to be around other people while expressing your creativity, a class may be for you.  

Any of these creative hobbies are beneficial no matter what life is throwing your way. Sometimes in our darkest hours, if we will just begin somewhere, any one of these hobbies or another, will provide therapeutic benefits and open the healing process. If you’re already feeling good, a hobby or two will only add to your happiness and fulfillment in your life.

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