Celebrate Her Every Day

A story of a Mother's influence ...

The month of May can be associated with a variety of subjects. Many of us look forward to the warmer weather and blooming flowers. Others associate the fifth month with May baskets, gleeful screams coming out of the school doors and an extended weekend at the end of the month. No matter what event creates a sense of happiness in your soul, the month also celebrates the gift of our mother. Although it may be designated for one weekend, I have a newfound appreciation for every mom out there.

My mother used to tell me as a little girl, “You may not understand why now, but when you get older, you will.”

What I didn’t realize was that she was referring to the moment I became a mother.

And get this—she was 100% correct.

I now understand every sacrifice she made.

I grasp the commitment she had to me.

I value her words to a higher degree.

I am forever indebted for her selflessness.

My mother, just like yours, is my greatest influence. While we all have our own personalities, traits and behaviors, we are greatly influenced by the example of our mother. From the moment she holds us to the moment she has to say goodbye—she influences our decisions and actions.

Each passing day as I experience the first steps, giggles, tantrums and personal hiccups, I am that much closer to my mother. My gratitude goes deeper than what I could ever give back to her; yet she expects nothing in return. Maybe that is what she meant—to give and give again.

She prepared me for the best job in the world because she graciously and humbly demonstrated unconditional love. Because of her, I am a better, stronger and more aware of what I am capable of because of what she sacrificed. So I feel compelled to say thank you today, tomorrow and every day after because without her, I (and you) wouldn’t know the true value of nobility in this life.

Celebrate her—this month, this day and every day thereafter.

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