Supporting the Fighters; Admiring the Survivors; Honoring the Taken; and Never, Ever Giving Up Hope

"We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have."

As the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month ends today, I wanted to share many of the organizations that helped and supported myself and my family during my diagnosis, treatment and continue now in my remission. Please share these resources with those who you know are going through breast cancer: those thrivers and survivors, as well as for their families who stand by their side.

Wellness House

Located in Hinsdale, Illinois, the Wellness House takes a psychosocial approach, taking care of social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological needs of individuals going through cancer and the families that support them. Even through the current pandemic, the Wellness House has stepped it up a thousand notches and provides many of their programs and exercise classes now all online. I will be forever grateful to the support I received and continue to receive from the Wellness House.

Little Pink Houses of Hope

Little Pink Houses of Hope empowers breast cancer patients and families to live each day to the fullest, with direction, purpose, and hope for the cancer journey. This is accomplished through free, week-long vacation retreats for breast cancer patients and their families. I was awarded a week-long retreat with my husband from Little Pink. Between treatment, surgeries, doctors appointments, trying to relax is not usually in the picture. Little Pink Houses of Hope offered a wonderful week of non-cancer talk and helped focus on my relationship with my husband. We will both cherish all the memories created and the wonderful individuals we met who I am proud to call my warrior sisters.

Chemo Angels

All volunteer-based, Chemo Angels is a buddy, pen-pal program that sends cards and positive thoughts and inspiration messages to individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Cancer can be a very lonely journey and receiving inspirational cards and notes of love and support every week uplifted my spirit and helped me to stay positive.

Hope Scarves

Hope Scarves is an international non-profit organization that pairs scarves and stories together to spread hope to others in treatment. Losing my hair during chemotherapy was one of the more difficult aspects of my body changing. I received a head scarf from Hope Scarves, along with a note of from who my scarf came. Just like their name, the scarf, but more the story of the person it came from knew that this period in my life was temporary and it helped me to remain positive and strong.

I believe breast cancer awareness is very prevalent in our world today however, what is needed most is research in all stages including metastatic breast cancer. Of course, the above organizations are just a few of the thousands worldwide that provide education, support, and love. What organizations have helped you or your family? Please share below.

“Strength is looking back and seeing what you have been through and knowing you were strong enough to make it through.”

Wishing love, strength and courage to all cancer thrivers and survivors!

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